Beijing will become a major world center for science and innovation by 2025 according to the released roadmap

Source:Executive Committee Office


The Plan for Building Beijing into an International Scientific and Technological Innovation Center during the 14th Five-year Plan Period was released by The Beijing Municipal Committee of the CPC and the People's Government of Beijing Municipality. According to the plan, Beijing will be built into an International scientific and technological innovation center by 2025 and it will become a major world center for science and innovation. By 2035, it will become a global talent hub, leading the world in innovation, competitiveness and influence and realizing self-reliance and self-improvement in advanced science and technology so that it can play an important in building China into a world leader in science and technology, and demonstrate China's contribution in scientific and technological innovation to the world.


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In terms of building Beijing into a "science center", the plan points out that R & D expenditure of the whole society in Beijing during the 14th Five-year Plan period will account for about 6% in the regional GDP while basic research funds will account for about 17% of the R & D funds of the whole society. By optimizing the layout of disciplines and R & D of basic research,  Beijing will try to make important technological breakthroughs and leading original discoveries in core fields, so as to provide source support for breaking through the bottlenecks of core technologies in key fields.

In building Beijing into an international "innovation highland", Beijing will lead the world in cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence, quantum information and biotechnology, and break through a number of bottlenecks of technologies by developing high-end technological industries and cultivating future industries with high potential. Beijing will make sure that the added value of high-tech industry will exceed 1.2 trillion yuan this year, and the average annual growth rate of the added value of digital economy will remain at about 7.5%. Beijing will also cultivate a number of leading scientific and technological enterprises with global influence and keep the number of Unicorn enterprises the first in the world and the number of the hidden champions increasing significantly.

With the theme "Towards Digital Future and Service Driven Development", China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services 2021 (CIFTIS) was held in China National Convention Center and Shougang Park from September 2 to 7. The Round Table Forum of Beijing Doctoral Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Base was held during the CIFTIS, focusing on the theme of "Scientific and Technological Innovation Leads the Transformation of Achievements and High-End Talents Help Industrial Development". The Beijing Postdoctoral Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Base established at this forum aims to constantly innovate talent collaborative training mechanism so as to attract and gather excellent postdoctoral talents at home and abroad, create a high-level youth talent cluster and stimulate their innovation vitality.


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At the University Startup world Cup 2021 Finalist Announcement & international University Innovation Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer Forum held during the CIFTIS, Entrepreneurial and innovation teams from all over the world gathered together to exchange ideas and share experience for making new reforms.

At the China International Technology Trade Forum held during the CIFTIS, Lu Yingchuan, then Vice Mayor of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality and a member of the CPC Leadership Group of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, said that Beijing, focusing on the reform of the business environment, will increase tax incentives in entrepreneurship, financing, technology transfer and foreign talent employment, and promote more long-term mechanisms to advance the opening and development of the service industry. Beijing will formulate and implement the Beijing Regulations on the Protection and Promotion of Intellectual Property Rights to strengthen the protection and application of intellectual property rights by exploring pilot projects for the trade, transaction and securitization of international intellectual property.


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At the Beijing "Two Zones" and Corporate Globalization Forum held during the CIFTIS, Yang Jinbai, Vice Mayor of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality said, the construction of "Two Zones" has added new momentum to the innovative development, economic transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and expanded the benefits of "Service in Beijing" and "Creation in Beijing", contributing to the development of the trend of promoting reform through opening up and optimizing the environment through reform. With A number of regional headquarters, leading enterprises and R & D centers of multinational corporations as well as many hidden champions and professional service institutions settled in Beijing, and a great many of high-end technological industries and future cutting-edge industries in line with the Beijing's development making plans to settle in Beijing, New business forms, new models and new technologies represented by digital economy have gradually become a new growth engine for Beijing's economic development.

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