Thematic Exhibition on Telecommunications, Computer and Information Services at CIFTIS 2022 features diverse highlights, including metaverse experience hall for the first time

Source:Executive Committee Office


A news briefing on the Thematic Exhibition on Telecommunications, Computer and Information Services was held in Beijing on the morning of August 3. The thematic exhibition will be organized by Beijing Capital Group Exhibitions & Events Co., Ltd. and Sun E Town (Beijing) Technology and Culture Co., Ltd. under the guidance of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology and Beijing Communications Administration in exhibition halls 10 and 11 of Shougang Park from September 1 to September 5, 2022. According to the news briefing, preparations for the thematic exhibition, an important technology section of CIFTIS 2022, are well underway, and there will be diverse highlights in theme setting, exhibition organization, forums and other events during the trade fair. 


A telecommunications and digital technology theme pavilion and a metaverse application theme pavilion will be set up 

This year, the Thematic Exhibition on Telecommunications, Computer and Information Services will include a telecommunications and digital technology theme pavilion and a metaverse application theme pavilion. From technology support to metaverse scenario application, the two pavilions complement each other to showcase cutting-edge technologies and the latest developments in the field of information communication. 


The telecommunications and digital technology theme pavilion, located in the exhibition hall 11 of Shougang Park, comprises communication infrastructure, cloud computing & big data, IC & industrial Internet, and special exhibition groups. It fully shows state-of-the-art technologies and achievements in the area of information and communications, and technologies and equipment support in the upstream industry. In the exhibition hall 10, "world-class metaverse experience scenarios" of nearly 10,000 square meters will be created, marking the first-ever metaverse experience hall at CIFTIS, which uses immersive interactive technologies to help exhibitors display the application of their metaverse technologies. 

Well-known enterprises jointly present a digital feast 

Leveraging huge advantages of the national-level exhibition platform CIFTIS, Beijing is bringing together industry leaders from the global digital economy. For example, top-ranked enterprises in terms of hashrate and comprehensive communication capability such as China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom and Alibaba will gather at CIFTIS to share their application empowerment in metaverse and other fields. In addition, China's first listed CPU developer Loongson Technology, industrial Internet giant Kyland Technology, and leading AI enterprises like AMiner and DeepGlint will attend the trade fair. 


At the thematic exhibition, there will be also two special exhibition areas, one for international innovation incubators and one for specialized, sophisticated, distinctive and innovative enterprises. More than 20 innovative scientific and technological achievements from countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Japan, Israel and Switzerland will be brought to the special exhibition area for international innovation incubators, such as intelligent industrial sensors, 3D optical detection equipment, transparent display screen antennas, intelligent robot drones for industrial inspection, and light business aircraft manufacturing. The special exhibition area for specialized, sophisticated, distinctive and innovative enterprises will serve as a supply & demand matching platform for specialized, sophisticated, distinctive and innovative SMEs in the field of science and technology and on the upstream and downstream industrial chains, thereby accelerating policy implementation for quick results. 


Cutting-edge innovations to be displayed at forums will offer insight into the future 


(Photo Source: CFP.CN) 

More events concurrent with the exhibition include the Forum on IC Industry Development and Cooperation and the Forum on Industrial Internet Innovation and Development, the 2022 Digital Economy Development Conference, as well as over 10 forums focusing on ICT industry, such as those themed International Collaborative Development of Information and Communication, "Channel Computing Resources from the East to the West" and Computing Power Development, Future Travel Reform against the Background of "Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality", and Integrative Development and Innovative Application of World Artificial Intelligence. All of these forums will witness an in-depth probe into frontier topics like the Internet 3.0, 5G innovation, data factors, open source for technologies and smart driving. In addition, the thematic exhibition will include online and onsite halls for first launching events, authoritative information release events, and service demonstration case releasing events, etc. 

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