Must-see Internet-famous sites at Shougang Park, a venue for CIFTIS 2022

Source:Executive Committee Office


On August 1, just one month away from CIFTIS 2022, media reporters came to Shougang Park, one of the venues for this year's trade fair, to reveal places that are attractive for visitors to travel for leisure while they visit exhibitions in the park. 


The charm of integration between industrial relics and modern exhibition halls is exuded everywhere in the park. Exhibition halls 14 and 15, which offer the best vantage points to admire the industrial relics, will serve as experience zones of the Thematic Exhibition on Sports Services. In addition, the area between the two exhibition halls has been turned into a 12,000-square-meter lawn for rest and recreation, which can further enhance the experience of visitors. 


The High Line Park is transformed from a network of the existing overhead industrial pipes, passages and corridors, with a total length of about 8 kilometers, of which it takes 15 minutes to walk through the model section. As an important part of the "underground - ground - air" three-dimensional slow traffic system in Shougang Park, the High Line Park offers wonderful opportunities for sightseeing, rest and fitness at different levels while retaining the unique industrial style. The nearly 670-meter-long skywalk on the north side of Qunming Lake features a double-layer platform that combines waterscape and existing pipes and corridors. The skywalk extends westward to the Leisure Park along Yongding River, forming a green, ecologically healthy corridor in the west of Beijing. 

Chang'an Mills, a set of six interconnected plots in the heart of the northern area of Shougang Park, is an urban renewal project that includes the low-density modern creative office space, the compound business and multi-functional activity center, and the green public space. Chang'an Mills is also one of the six key projects for upgrading commodity consumption in the building of Beijing as an international consumption center. It is adjacent to Xiu Pool in the north, Qunming Lake in the south, Shijingshan Landscape Park in the west and Shougang Industrial Relics Park in the east. Chang'an Mills, together with the Office Area of Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Winter Olympics Training Gym, Winter Olympics Stadiums and Big Air Shougang, forms the Winter Olympics Square, an iconic attraction of Beijing. 


Big Air Shougang, located in the northern area of Shougang Park, is one of the important heritages of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and one of the must-see Internet-famous sites in the park. Composed of a ramp, a referee tower and a stand, Big Air Shougang is inspired by the Flying Apsaras in Dunhuang murals. It faces Shijingshan Mountain in the north, neighbors Qunming Lake in the east, and overlooks Yongding River in the west, offering a panoramic view of the beautiful surrounding area. 


(Photo Source: Official WeChat Account of Shougang Park) 

Service support for CIFTIS 2022 has been upgraded. There are more shuttle buses in Shougang Park with a shorter departure interval. Catering services have been enhanced to combine a public catering area, a centralized catering area and retailing catering trucks, as the efforts of different types of food suppliers are orchestrated to meet the needs of visitors during peak hours. Conference rooms in the exhibition areas, while preserving the industrial style of their predecessors - machine rooms and workshops, have been renovated with better facilities for high-end forums and conferences. 

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