The Global Trade in Services Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Alliance) is a non-governmental and non-profit international association jointly established by the executing agency of China International Fair for Trade in Services and domestic and foreign well-known business associations, multinational corporations, well-known enterprises and professional organizations.

  Mission of the Alliance: To foster and guide new models and forms of the service industry, optimize standards and rules in the field of trade in services and promote the opening, innovation and integrated development of service industry and service trade by promoting exchanges and cooperation among business/industry associations, professional institutions and enterprises in the field of international trade in services.

  Functions of the Alliance: To promote the establishment of new channels for industry communication, promote the establishment of industry standards and rules, and regulate industry development; build a new platform for exchanges and cooperation, organize Alliance members to carry out a series of online or offline trade promotion activities such as information release, seminar exchange, technical cooperation, project connection, and participation in exhibitions; build a new mechanism for resource sharing, strengthen mutual cooperation of Alliance members in technology research and development, investment and financing, and promote the development of the global service industry and trade in services; promote the brands of China's services and CIFTIS, and serve the development of CIFTIS.

  The Alliance consists of the General Meeting of Members, Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors, and the Secretariat. The General Meeting of Members is composed of all members of the Alliance. The Board of Directors is the decision-making body of the Alliance, responsible for the general meeting, with a chairman, executive vice chairman, vice chairman and directors. The Board of Supervisors is the supervisory body of the Alliance, elected by the general meeting and responsible for the general meeting. The Secretariat is the executive body of the Alliance, responsible for the daily affairs and public services of the Alliance, with a secretary-general and deputy secretary-general.

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