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Source:CIFTIS    |      Date:2020-06-16    

  China International Fair for Trade in Services (“CIFTIS”) is a state-level and international comprehensive fair jointly hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality. Aiming to adapt to the rapid development of trade in services globally, it has been now a key platform for the international trade in services sector to communicate ideas, connect supply and demand, share business opportunities, and seek mutual development.

  Being the world’s first and largest comprehensive fair for trade in services, CIFTIS covers 12 major sectors including transport, travel, construction, insurance services, financial services, telecommunications, computer and information services, charges for the use of intellectual property, personal, cultural and recreational services, maintenance and repair services, other business services, processing services, and government services. With WTO, UNCTAD and OECD as its permanent supporting institutions, and WIPO, ITC, WTPF and WTCA as its international cooperation agencies, CIFTIS has been held in over 100 countries and regions since it was officially launched, attracting 14 foreign politicians, over 400 international organization principals and domestic and foreign guests at the vice-ministerial level or above, about 300 international organizations, business associations, and over one million exhibitors and customers.

  CIFTIS is also one of the three exhibition platforms for opening-up and the leading fair for trade in services in China. President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the 2019 China International Fair for Trade in Services, pointing out that the service trade is of promising prospect and huge potential, and China is willing to deepen cooperation on service trade and investment with other countries, promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and make economic globalization more open, inclusive, and balanced so that all share its benefits. Attaching great importance to CIFTIS, the Chinese government has dispatched state leaders to each session of the fair and has clearly envisioned making CIFTIS the leading fair for trade in services in China that is comparable with such world-class fairs as China Import and Export Fair, China International Import Expo, etc. At all previous CIFTISs, all the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China have organized enterprises superior in local services to attend the fair for potential cooperation, focusing on the latest achievements in the development of trade in services in China, as well as the state-of-the-art technologies and applications in the service sector. In 2020, the State Council approved to set up the Organization Committee of 2020 CIFTIS for an upgraded fair, which comprises over 40 national ministries and commissions chaired by the vice premier of the State Council.

  CIFTIS is a platform that leads the opening-up and innovation, and accelerates the shared prosperity. Aiming to be the most influential world-class fair for trade in services, CIFTIS is a platform for various governments, international organizations, global service trade enterprises and institutions to display their advantages, communicate, negotiate and cooperate with potential partners, for global exhibitors to share business opportunities and achieve mutual development, and for global celebrities in political, business, academic and research circles to discuss hot topics in service trade sector and explore new channels for sustainable development and win-win cooperation. The Chinese government will join hands with all other countries and international organizations to build CIFTIS the wind vane and benchmark that leads the development of trade in services, and a new carrier that accelerates the international trade development and global economic growth, thus giving full play to its crucial role in promoting the prosperity and development of global trade in services.