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About Global Trade in Services Vision Committee

Source:CIFTIS    |      Date:2020-06-14    

  I. Establishment Background

  The organizing committee initiated the establishment of the Global Trade in Services Vision Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Vision Committee) and held a round-table conference at the CIFTIS 2019 in order to further enhance the international influence of the CIFTIS, better play the role of leading exhibition of CIFTIS in promoting the development of the trade in services, and promote a higher level of cooperation and development in the international trade in services. The Vision Committee is an unofficial and open international think tank initiated by the organizing committee of the CIFTIS, where representatives of relevant international organizations and business associations, well-known experts and scholars, and well-known entrepreneurs are invited to join, and which plays a role as a think tank for promoting the sustainable development of global trade in services and realizing the high-quality development of China's trade in services.

  II. Organizational Structure

  The Vision Committee is set with two chairmen and two secretary-generals, and the expert committee members are officials of relevant international organizations, celebrities of domestic and foreign business associations, experts, scholars and well-known entrepreneurs in the field of trade in services at home and abroad.

  III. Main Functions

  To track the latest development trends of trade in services, the latest international policies and industry information about trade in services, publish related reports and other research results on international trade in services, offer advice and suggestions for the development of international trade in services and CIFTIS, and provide intellectual support for the overall plan, medium and long-term development planning of CIFTIS and the themes of Global Summit on Trade in Services.

  IV. Form of Activity

  First, a round-table conference and annual meeting of the Global Trade in Services Vision Committee will be held at the end of May every year during the CIFTIS, to discuss international rules and policies of each country on trade in services, and offer advice and suggestions for the development of the CIFTIS and international trade in services;

  Second, a seminar on the development trend of international trade in services will be held every autumn (November), to discuss international trade in services or industry development trends, put forward suggestions on the theme, overall plan and ideas for the next CIFTIS, and determine the topics of the next round-table conference;

  In addition, opinions of the experts of the Vision Committee on hot issues of trade in services or related issues will be collected from time to time to be submitted in form of special report to higher authorities for reference. As for the expert opinions with certain leading and research value for the development of global trade in services, a special study will be carried out and a report will be formed.