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1,300 Volunteers Will Serve ...

Source:CIFTIS    |      Date:2020-08-31    

  On August 11, the general skills training for volunteers of China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) was launched through live webcast.

  It is learned that, it was the first time that general skills training was provided through webcast for volunteers in large-scale events. The China Communist Youth League Beijing Committee (CCYLBC) has elaborately designed ten courses including the Basic Information of the CIFTIS, Business English, Epidemic Prevention and Control, Emergency Care, Religious Culture, and Etiquette for the general skills training. After the training on general skills, the volunteers will also be provided with on-the-job training and professional training based on the nature of the volunteer services they may participate in, so as to further improve their service ability during the CIFTIS.

  According to Li Lei, Deputy Director of Volunteer Service Guidance Center of Beijing Municipality, CCYLBC took the lead and has recruited nearly 1,300 volunteers through 27 colleges and universities and the China Communist Youth League Beijing Chaoyang District Committee based on the volunteer service needs of working groups and thematic exhibitions. These volunteers will provide volunteer services in more than 70 positions during the CIFTIS.

  Affected by the epidemic and summer vacation, most of the volunteers are currently on vacation at home. Therefore, the CCYLBC for the first time employed Internet technology and complete the registration, training, testing, evaluation and recording of training duration all on the MOOC. The online customer service available 7*24 can also solve problems for volunteers at any time. Moreover, the hosts have designed the training registration process into a 3D animation, which is both entertaining and informative. The integration of information technology with volunteer services in large-scale events can not only guarantee the length and quality of training, but also effectively avoid gathering and contact. It is more flexible, convenient and efficient than traditional means.

  “It is a very rare opportunity for us to be volunteers in large-scale events during the university. We can not only practice ourselves, but also make more friends through the volunteer services. See you at the CIFTIS in September.” said Wang Jing, a student from Beijing Information Science and Technology University, who registered as soon as he saw the CIFTIS volunteer recruitment poster on the campus.

  Volunteer service is an important part of the organization work of large-scale events. The participation of volunteers reflects the hospitality and civilization in Beijing. The volunteers have formed a beautiful scenery and are constantly polishing this “Golden Name Card” with their actions.